Library Usage Guide

Welcome to the Shimane Prefectural Library!

The Shimane Prefectural Library aims to be a useful resource for the region.

1.Using the Library

Anyone can use the library. You are free to read all of the books on the bookshelves.

Opening Hours

  • Weekdays from March to October 9:00~19:00
  • Weekdays from November to February 9:00~18:00
  • Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays (All year round) 9:00~17:00

Days Closed

  • Every Monday(If the Monday is a holiday the library will be open)
  • The first Thursday of the month(If it is a holiday, then the next day the library will be closed)
  • The end and beginning of the year(12/28~1/4)
  • Special Stock Organization Days

2.Guide for using the Library's Resources

You can search for certain books, magazines, etc. through the library's homepage or through one of the library's computers.


We have books organized by each different topic.

  • Books for Children: 1F Children's Room
  • Books for Adults: 2F
  • International Books: 1F Hall  New arrived


Please take a look at the newspapers available while inside our library. It is not possible to borrow them.

  • Today's newspaper: 1F Hall
  • Newspapers from the current month: 2F Newspaper/Magazine corner


Please take a look at the latest issue while in the library. It is possible to borrow past issues of magazines/journals.

  • Magazines for Children: 1F Children's Room
  • Magazines for Adults: 2F Newspaper/Magazine corner

Multi-media Resource

There are CTs, CDs, VHSs, and DVDs available. There are no Viewing/Listening Booths.

  • CDs/CTs: 2F
  • VHSs/DVDs: Please ask at the Main Counter.


You may use the library's computer for browsing the internet. Please reserve a computer by filling out an application at the Main Counter. There is also a free Wi-Fi spot. You can use your own personal computer to connect to the Wi-Fi spot.

3.borrowing Books, Magazines, etc.

Library Card

A library card is necessary for borrowing books or magazines. Anyone that lives, works, or goes to school in Shimane Prefecture is able to obtain a library card. There is no fee for making a library card. Please submit your application for a library card at the Main Counter. When you apply, please bring a form of identification so that we can confirm your address.

Borrowing Items

Please bring the item you would like to borrow to the Main Counter.

  • Maximum number of books: 10 per person
  • Borrowing Period: 15 days

Returning Items

Please bring the book/magazine you would like to return to the Main Counter. If the library is closed, please only put books in the Return Box located to the right of the library entrance.

Borrowing Period Extension

It is possible to extend the borrowing period once for two weeks. Please bring your library card to the Main Counter. However, if a reservation is placed on the item you are currently borrowing, it will not be possible to extend the borrowing period.

How to make a reservation

If there is an item that you would like to borrow that is currently being borrowed by someone else, you can make a reservation for that item. Please bring your library card to the Main Counter.
Maximum number of books/magazines you can reserve: 5 per person.

For Books Not in Stock

You can submit a request for the library to purchase a book you would like to read. Please consult with us. We will order the book from another library, or purchase the book so that you can borrow it.


  • Shimane Prefectural Library
    島根県立図書館(Shimane Ken-ritsu Tosyo-kan

  • Address:
    Uchinakabara-cho52, Matsue-city, Shimane 690-0873
    690-0873 島根県 松江市 内中原町52   
  • MAP(PDF:74.5KB)
  • Phone: 0852-22-5725
  • E-mail: